image by  Chelsea Lane

image by Chelsea Lane


Who is she? 

My name is Miranda Wildman and I’ve lived more than half my life here in the Asheville area, after growing up in Vermont. I still do some of the same things I did when I was a little girl growing up in the Green Mountains like build altars filled with bits of nature in the woods, create welcoming atmospheres for guests, and draw & paint on a daydream. I still adore creating artful, ambient space for my guests whether at home, at workshops, or retreats!

My paintings are intuitive representations of the vibrant dream scenes from my own sleep and awake state. Bold colors & shapes, symbols, fantasy dwellings and other worldly, ancestral landscapes find their way into my work regularly, where sometimes just playing with paint and color is what I fancy. I use a combination of layering acrylic paint, paper, and cyanotype. Cyanotype is a photographic process that employs the Sun’s rays. My intention for you the viewer, when you see my art, is to experience a sensory and joyful journey through my pieces and treat yourself with a little mystery on the way. 

In my atmospheric vignettes I gather vintage lace & linens, my own cyanotype fabrics, fabrics designed using my paintings, interesting lighting, and interactive, artful seating. My installations lend well to photo shoots, tarot readings and intimate gatherings. I share some of my atmospheric styling secrets at my workshops and retreats. I would be honored if you'd join me for an artful event!

So, you want to know how I became an artist? 

I live and create in the Western North Carolina mountains. I grew up in Vermont as a single child until the age of 10 when I gained four brothers through the marriage of my mother and father to my step father and stepmother. Whoa! After one year of art school at Portland school of art that I couldn’t attend a second year because of financial reasons, I basically flunked out of a state college due to lack of inspiration. With that blunder which caused confusion in my head about what to do next, I moved thankfully with my parents to North Carolina in 1996 and found my way making money to pay the bills at an amazing Italian restaurant where I met and worked with people near and dear to me. While managing this restaurant, I met my future husband living in the same apartment building and we decided to open up a plumbing contracting business where I would do the book work so we could be self-employed. We had that self-employed dream! We decided to work on the dream of my husband’s for five years and then we’d start to focus on my dream. Although I didn’t know what that dream was, I knew it had to do with MAKING ART EVERYDAY…I learned and loved a whole lot in the 10 years I worked with LEAF festival where I collaborated with an incredible team of creatives and folks who have a passion for spreading good cheer with art and music from around the world. My own passion for art installation was born festooning the grand spaces on the grounds of the festival. Fast forward to 2017 after 14 years of working closely with my husband as the founding partner for a plumbing company, my dream had come to fruition. I had made the transition over the course of almost a year and a half to becoming a full-time artist. I am beyond grateful to presently have an ever-growing community in which I may collaborate and share ideas with plus a wonderful home studio. I also am thankful to be able to offer art workshops all over the Asheville, NC area!