I love Miranda’s colorful, quirky art as it makes me smile and I enjoy the symbolism she puts in her pieces. I first got to know her at a retreat we both attended. Now I have been blessed to be a participant at one of her retreats. She was so generous with her supplies and materials. The retreat was fun and relaxing. Miranda is a funny, kind, and thoughtful person.
— Jodi C.

Miranda is a kind, generous, compassionate teacher and an extremely gifted artist. Just being in her presence inspires me to new heights of creativity. Her influence on me as an artist and as a person has enriched my contribution to the world.
— Mary L.

Miranda is a truly an ambiance artist. She creates the most beautiful environments that range from energetic studios for workshops to peaceful and cozy art retreats. It has always been a great pleasure to teach in Miranda’s space or at any events she has hosted.
— Coco V.

As a working artist I never thought it was necessary for myself to take a break and go on an artist retreat. That myth was deconstructed when I came to one of the first art retreats Miranda hosted, I was immersed in the process of making in a collaborative environment. And I finally felt at ease being able to unwind with a group of women connecting and watching others in the creative process. The group environments were always invigorating and asking me to maybe look at things from a new perspective and try things in a new way or approach. I had no idea how much I longed for being in the space again surrounded by artists and how much it fueled me. Miranda was always encouraging and supportive, and the materials and selections were so exciting to play with. Each time I took a retreat the surroundings and the places they were held at brought peace to my soul fueled my spirit again and made me reconnect with nature. I have suggested taking this art retreat because the array of disciplinary‘s and approaches to art making or tactile experimental playful and made my art change in ways I didn’t think it could. Miranda has such an incredible way of allowing people to find a natural rhythm and art making and bringing community together.
— Mary S.

Miranda Wildman is an absolute joy to work with! Her generous and spontaneous nature, along with being a loving support to all the women at retreats or workshops make her such an asset. She teaches with ease and everyone just adores her! Her love for color, space, and brilliant craft make her shine out as a teacher and creator in our field. Her passion and light nature is contagious.
— Alena H.
I had the great pleasure of attending Miranda’s Art Magic in the Mountains retreat last summer. It truly lived up to its name! Miranda’s sense of artistry, playfulness & warmth shines through in all she does. We made gorgeous art kissed by the sun, dressed up in gorgeous costumes & embraced a fluid sense of artistry against the sheltering backdrop of the NC mountains. The food was divine & the setting inspiring. I left with lovely art and even lovelier new friends. Miranda is a true gem in every way! I could not recommend Miranda’s retreats more highly!