Art Break! I chose a tree because trees are an ever-present inspiration to me!

Dear Fruitful Human,  

No matter our day to day life, our career, our life long to do list, we all know its important to take breaks. How about making it an art break? Whether inside or outdoors, there is always a way to take a quick break from your main activity of the day by creating a quick piece of art. Like a reset button, an art break provides a refreshing few moments to continue throughout your day.

Here's one way I take a quick art break & engage with my senses: 

Take out your sketchbook or a sheet of paper and draw an outline of an object (building, flower, kitchen utensil, etc). Make the drawing really simple for the next step. After drawing your object of admiration, fill in the lines with words to describe why or what you love about this object. When finished paste or post your artwork where you can look back at it later. Feel free to add paint, or other materials, or to create more than one! See photo for example.

I support you in taking art breaks often! If you feel like taking this art break into my studio and connecting & creating art with me this year, I have an intimate Summer Solstice Mixed Media Workshop on sale until the end of March (then the price goes up). Mention this blog post and BOGO. That's right, Buy One Space, Get One FREE...So call a friend and sign-up together!

Let me know how this art break went and share a picture on social media if you’d like, and as always, thank you for your artful engagement with me,